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Note About 2017

To the cold of winter breeze and the warm of snowfall
To every words that have been spoken and hurting more and more
To Ariana and Nathan that have explained it a year before
Let it stays where it belong
We are evil until we sing a songTo the promise, reversed promise
To the night call and flight distance between it
To all the places that still staying in my dream
What are men to time and chance?To all of kindness and every possibilities
To all the time that have been given to me
You dont know me. You just dont know me yet.To fireworks and laser and papers
To a dense tropical forest and a kindness of a man
To a clear sky after long heavy rain
To the sound, that recalls my memory and keeps me young
To something, that i just could make it
To every one, that made me to taste it
To all of my friends hanging above the clouds
To all the wedding invitations that i could/nt attend
To Kelana... and all the patient
To Eric, Paul, Billy and Pat
To my self... my very true selfThanks for the lesso…